I guess the moral of the story is that being friended isn’t the same as having friends.


Way to hit the nail on the head girl.  And that’s basically what ABC did the entire thirty minutes with this shell of a show.  ‘Selfie’ is centered around ugly-duckiling-turned-vapid-beauty, Eliza Dooley, who’s life unravels after realizing she has no real world relationships.  She just found out her boyfriend is a married man, everyone at her job considers her the company bimbo and even her hipster neighbor could care less about how many people follow Eliza on Instagram.  All is woe until in comes Henry, John Cho’s character, who (with really no good reason) takes on the task of changing every fiber of Eliza’s being.  The seeds of comical chaos are planted, and the show tries its hardest to convince viewers that there is something sweet and endearing growing between Eliza and Henry’s unlikely alliance.

Unfortunately, they sort of failed miserably at this.

You know how when you watch a vine and you wait for the punchline, but it just cuts out and loops back to the beginning, leaving you feeling like you missed the point?  That’s the best way I can describe the timing of Selfie.  It felt rushed and formulaic.  Henry, an uptight–although he claims formal–business man decides to reform this Insta-queen for no reason!  I can understand Eliza’s motivations for using Henry (she wants to be liked!), but they don’t really lay down the foundation for Henry’s intentions, which is a real shame because John Cho’s performance is actually pretty great.  He can do uptight better than a pair of plus-size skinny jeans, but we don’t really see why.  There is a brief moment when Eliza brings up his ex, but they sort of brush over it and again rush to the next scene.  I think they tried to establish so much in the very first episode that it ended up feeling like they just left a lot out, so the viewers are just compelled to feel confused.

Speaking of confused, I would say Karen Gillian, the actress who portrays Eliza (AND ONE OF MY FAVORITE TIME TRAVELING COMPANIONS, wink wink) needs a bit more practice perfecting her American accent.  It doesn’t so much sound like she’s doing an American accent, as much as it sounds like she’s trying to imitate a really stupid individual.  You know, that special voice we all reserve to imitate that dumb co-worker or horrible barista that got our venti mocha upside down macchiato, with extra foam, wrong AGAIN.  (Don’t lie to yourself, we’ve all done it and felt good about it afterwards too.)  I think Cho’s acting is amazing, and Gillian has proven her acting chops before with Doctor Who and Guardians of the Galaxy, so we all know that they are capable of so much.  And this segways into where the sitcom is doomed to fail, if they don’t set Eliza’s straight.

Do we want to root for this empty headed heroine?  Let’s see, she has little to no social sensitivity, her moral values are obviously questionable, and she’s beyond stupid.  They mention that she’s the top sales rep in her company, but it’s kind of hard to believe when she is just soooooooo dumb.  And when she approaches Henry, she is is just this meek little kitten begging for help.  Wouldn’t someone with such selfish, and delusional tendencies have just a bit more sass?  Why didn’t she demand it?  Why didn’t she provoke him with her apparent sex appeal?  She could have done a multitude of things to seem more like one of the “selfie”–it’s all about me–type of individuals that the show is basing their premise on.

Despite all my harsh criticism, this show has a great concept.  With all the selfies, and 7 second vines, and instant gratification apps it’s hard to deny that we live in a narcissistic bubble of a world, and this show has the potential to shed some comical light on that.  We all know this show is going to nose dive into stereotypes that plague this “Me not we” generation–and it rightfully should!  But let’s lot confuse stereotypes with melodramatics.  I know that ABC can get a little edgier than this.  Eliza is going to be the backbone of this show, so why not give her one?

Hopefully the show will find its groove as the weeks go on and evolve into something that shows.

Spoiler alert, likes don’t equal love people.

 gif courtesy, gifstbh.tumblr.com