We’re only two episodes into the season for TWD and I’m already going to have a panic attack.  Watch my reaction below:

So I feel all prepared and ready for the next two hours.  I’ve heard a lot of chatter at this point, so I’m suspecting people I care about to die.

Obviously, I have very strong feelings for everyone on the show…

Ok, but mostly Glenn.  FANGIRLING and IDGAf.

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Just deal with it okay?


We see Carol and Tyrese, and Walkers are coming…

At this point, the show had already threatened Glen, Bob Stookey, Rick, Carol, and Judith is just a baby, so I’m always concerned, and I’m rambling…

And in comes Martin.  Smooth-talking-make-you-reconsider-your-morals-Martin.

He spouts on to poor naive Tyreese that in this new world order, ‘you gotta do, what you gotta do’ basically, and to be honest, he sounds about right.  I’m sure that’s the tiny seed this episode has been plowing around. But I still don’t want him to win.  Poo on that sir.

But everyone we love is gonna die, so Carol ‘the muthafuqingqueen’ is on her way to the rescue.

That’s how you do it.  Blow things up, save every important character’s life.  Done.

I am so proud of Carol.  Look how far she has come ya’ll.  Meek little trailer park wife, to no mercy, ruthless zombie killer.  That’s the recipe for a true tragic hero, right there.

Then we get into episode 2, and were’re given this gem:

It was great.  I rewinded it three times, just for good measure.

At this point it’s pretty clear how much Carol and Daryl missed each other and I’m like,

And then my brain goes on a mission to figure out the cure,

And as I was getting swept up in the emotional high that Bob was serving this entire episode, I paused and got that uneasy feeling, like I was being watched,

And as soon as you blink, this happens,

And I just about lost all fuqs.

Episode 3 airs this Sunday on AMC.  Stay tuned for more breakdowns.

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