I have never seen the original Ben-Hur.  I didn’t even know there was an original when the trailers for this film came out.  But I decided to give it a chance because it reminded me of a Gladiator meets Moses type of film.  So here are my unbiased reactions to the film:


WELL, Jack Huston.  He is amaze-balls.  I really believed his character’s transition from pacifism to revenge to redemption with ease. Plus he’s Jack Huston.Ugh, actually, the entire cast is amaze-balls!  But Jack Huston is still Bae.


The strained relationship between the adopted brothers is what really drives the film. For those who went in blind to the entire story, like myself, watching Judah and Messala contend their values and beliefs against each other was very powerful to watch.  So if you’re not into family drama-rama, skip this one.


Another very moving aspect of the film was the use of Jesus’ Crucifixion. It paralleled the plot in a way that still respected the Biblical history, which I was very impressed by.

Okay let’s talk about my biggest problem with the film….


…why in the hell does every character look so clean? It’s 33 AD. Esther, you should not have a Brazilian blow-out, girl.  PS, the costume design was also horribly inaccurate.  Look at those perfectly stitched tunics….NO.

This was definitely a surprise for me, in a good way.  So go see it.

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