Written by the me of yesteryear

Let’s go back to that time in the way before.  Let’s return to those days when waking up at 11 was standard and riding around the city on your bike was new.  When Hey Arnold was on and Rugrats too.

It was the time of the “in-between”…because between 11 and 7, the world belonged to us. The world moved slower for us.   We lived in summers that had no end in sight, no cares in the world.  We sat on hot curbs with red or blue otter pops dribbling from our lips because they were the best.  We lied on dusty old carpets and found faces in the ceiling’s dry wall.    Our friends never failed us, be they real or imaginary.  It was a time when feeling alive meant skinning your knee or feeling out of breath from hide ‘n’ go seek before the sun set.  Mesmerized by colors of the Great Crayola, our creativity was infinite on a blank page.  We held the purest type of curiosity in all things that burned in a fire pit.  Nothing was familiar, and but everything made sense.  Never wondering, never guessing, never worrying about anything…except maybe the dark.  Because anything could happen back then.  Even scary things in the dark existed.  So in order to survive those perilous nights, we would turn on all the lights in the hallway.  Then, we’d run. We’d flip each  light switch off in a sprint, and pray It wouldn’t catch us.

Nothing ever did catch us either.  We were much too fast.  Much too clever.  Much too brilliant for anything–especially adults–to catch on.  We all played together, the boys and the girls, even if Billy had cuties and Jane was a teacher’s pet.  We fell in love with our friends and fell out just as soon.  It was all for one and one for all, till the bell rang and we had to stand in straight lines, in A-B-C order.  A great gang of kids were were, walking down the street, visiting each others houses, finding new shortcuts to convenience stores on the way.

It was even cooler to play with the bigger kids; made you feel grown up too.  But none of us knew..that it was all too short of a  lifetime to waste trying to be older like the kids at school.

On some occasions it felt like time was just too  s l o w.
This is taking too long.
I’m ready now.
When are you gonna stop calling me a kid?

You see, when you’re living in the “in-between”, it’s hard to feel the present, because you’re constantly waiting for the future to get here.  We thought that when the future arrived, and we were crowned Grown Ups  there, we would finally start living life.

Finally, we would live.
We would live and live and live, and then…?

We could not even begin to comprehend what was beyond that question mark, because back then, we lived forever.

Photo by: Carrie Yuan