A Court of Mist and Fury (A Court of Thorns and Roses, #2)A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J. Maas
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Due to sheer happiness I will relay my review in GIF form.

My reaction to the last chapter of this book:

If you were on the fence about the first book, you HAVE to read the second. Not only is the plot great, the characters are sheer, magical brilliance. I think this is the first fantasy I’ve ever read where the plot keeps a steady pace, and the pages matter. Sometimes I’ll skim over sections because the writing is just inconsequential…to the story…to the characters…to my life. It becomes this droll mess of words just so the author can hear themselves speak. OVER IT, no thanks, Baiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. So I skip to the dialogue to get to the good stuff. That didn’t happen in this book! I was so shocked because tbh, I did that with ACOTAR a bit. Not too much…but a bit. Sarah J. Maas stepped it up. Like Channing Tatum stepped it up. (yeah.)

My Reaction to Tamlin in this book:

So disappointed in you, bro. A little too disappointed? I think Maas tried too hard to make us convinced that he was this horrible person. In one book he’s a compassionate ruler, respected by everyone, and in the next he’s some dickhead that’ll force mermaids to pay him a tax, even when they’re starving…? I didn’t buy that sudden character reversal. But I knew that Maas needed us to hate Tam. So that we could move on…to things with bigger wingspans. If you catch my drift.

So while I think it was necessary to have Feyre fall out of love with Tam (because love triangles are annoying when the girl can’t decide who she loves) I didn’t think it was necessary to paint Tamlin so horribly. She could have just as easily realized that what she and Tam had in the beginning was more along the lines of infatuation as opposed to true love. Because it was. Er, wasn’t? What I’m trying to say is that the love she had for Tam was actually just gratitude mixed with lust. They didn’t really know each other enough to be in love, so it could have easily just crumbled from there. I liked that Tam was this broken shell after returning from under the mountain, and that this sort of splintered their relationship. Him locking Feyre away was the ultimate betrayal and a great way to split them in two. But then all the stuff Rhys had to add to the mix, about Tamlin being a murderer and a coward…I just couldn’t buy it. Maybe I’m in denial, and only the Tam shippers will agree. But I just thought it was a little over the top. Sorry, Tam, you were the tool that Maas needed to get us to fall in love with Rhys…and it worked.

My reaction to Feyre being a boss ass bitch

All I can say is YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAS. Yes. yes. You guys. This is the heroine I’ve been looking for. Feyre transformed into this sexy, powerful, opinionated WOMAN. I just found myself saying: “I WANT TO BE HER”, the entire book. I’m all about using your feminine wiles to get what you want from a man. Especially if you got it, flaunt it honey. Men are aggressive, territorial. Women can play at that game, we just do it better. And Feyre does it best! Finally. And although she was a little too sensitive sometimes (we get it, no one can lock baby in a corner..or mansion in this case), it didn’t overpower her strength as a person and friend, making her real. Loved it. Bravo.

My reaction to anytime Rhysand whispered into Feyre’s ear:

Nuff said.

Hopes, Predictions, & Pet-Peeves
-Feyre sees that there’s a side to Tamlin’s story she hasn’t heard yet. Gives us more of an explanation to his actions against Rhysand’s family
-Feyre stops being afraid of closed spaces
-“Lulaine” lovin’
-“Nessian” lovin’
-Why is she wearing leggings and sweaters? Not good world-building
-Thanks for not having a character click his/her tongue on every page!

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