A Court of Wings and Ruin (A Court of Thorns and Roses, #3)A Court of Wings and Ruin by Sarah J. Maas
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Rating: 3.5 stars


I completely and utterly loved ACOMAF. You can tell from how many GIF’s I used here in my review. This story……….not as much. Hence no Gif’s. And I’m mostly going to talk about what I disliked because the ending didn’t leave me feeling too great, inspired, or ready to read the next book for that matter.

SPOILERS AHEAD (you’ve been warned) If I had to sum up this book, it would basically be that Feyre, our once bad-ass protagonist, gets everything she ever wants. Maas bascially handed everything to her on a silver platter. When Feyre would get close to being harmed, or threatened with losing someone she cared about, Maas wielded her magic hand to quaintly resolve any issues that came Feyre’s way. BOOOORRRRRRRRRRINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNG.

In short, this book was utterly a snore-fest when it came to Feyre’s growth as a character. Here’s how it goes:

Book 1: Feyre aka “The Damsel”
Book 2: Feyre aka “Bad Azz Mutha Trucker”, “Killa Queen”, “Bitch, don’t tell me what to do”, “Takin’ Names, and Growin’ Wings”, “Best Female Heroine EVERRRR”
Book 3: Feyre aka “I am the boss” “Hey, remember, I’m the boss”, “Hellooooo, did you know I’m a boss, therefore I should get everything I want because I now exude power and female strength”, “PS. I can fly now”

So there you have it. It felt like Feyre peaked in ACOMAF. And then in ACOWAR, she just magically was given every opportunity to keep things the way they were. It was 700 pages of “Soooo, this war…yeah, when is it going to happen?” And then it does, and everyone is fine and dandy. No tension, no twists, no new magical places for us to venture to. Ughhhhhhhh.

Safe to say, I was disappointed…….bbuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut, I still did like the book as a whole. I don’t know if it’s because I’m so invested in these characters, or because I still have hope that Maas can top ACOMAF. Either way, I did enjoy a few things:

Fun Things
-Azriel……There’s so much I want to know. Open up my bat-winged butterfly! OPEN.
-The way Elain still burns a torch for her ex fiancee. Realistic. Sad. Tension between her and Lucien. Perfection. Just mate already.
-The fight between Feyre & Mor. FINALLY, some real conversations.
-The fact that Helion is LUCIEN’S DADDY. (Rhys is daddy, but Helion, you come to a close second)
-The build-up between Cassian and Nesta ā¤ ā¤ ā¤ Fire Fire Fire stare.
-When Feyre reads other peoples minds. Funsies. I want that power.
-Tamlin. Yes. Tamlin. Award for the most developed character of the book because you were basically the only one forced to make real decisions that would hurt you either way….

Pet Peeves, Things That Annoyed Me, Random Crap I Question
-Why does Feyre feel like she can’t bring up relationship questions with any of these characters???They are your family……….make them talk. TALKING IS HEALTHY. The fact that she still feels this awkward around them detracts from how close Maas makes them out to be.
-We need more court dynamic between the High Fae. I wanna see Helion’s home. Maybe just his room. Or his bed. Just his bed is cool. While he’s in it…I NEED TO STOP.
-I wish we could get more perspectives from the other characters, just to see what’s going on inside their head.
-AMREN. Ugh. She honestly should have just left. Why did she come back? It doesn’t even really give a good reason why. Another wasted moment to show some real tension and loss. I really actually was hoping she would betray them all. It would have been unexpected and interesting to see their reactions.
-And Finallyy…………I think Rhys should have died…I know. I know. Everyone will definitely want to kill me for that…but hear me out…imagine how exciting it would be for Feyre to find a way to get him back…or get to the place where he is. A new world to see! Ugh. Missed opportunity. I also thought/hoped that either he or Mor would have a lingering darkness from the cauldron..but nope. Like I said, this book makes everything easy for Feyre, so we’re just gonna watch them ride off into the sunset. SNORE.
-There was no cliffhanger. Soooo what are the next books even going to be about? Her capturing the creature from the Library? How interesting…?

Mor is a Lesbian. Okay. She’s also now a total bitch for leading on two people she cares about. The fact that she uses her sexual identity as a way to excuse her treatment of Azriel…just no. I think this is what made me take away an entire star. At times in Maas’ writing, I think you can tell when she just up and decides to change her mind about a character’s path in the story. And I’m all for creating diverse characters, but when did this book become a podium for the mistreatment of people that identify as LGBTQ? It felt out of place, and more like a ploy to appease those who felt her first book was too “white” and filled with straight people. What’s wrong with a straight, white woman writing a story about straight, “white”characters? NOTHING. It’s her fantasy, let her write it. I just think it’s so ridiculous when people, especially in the entertainment or book industry get up in arms over books/movies without the diversity they want to see. It’s not fair to those writers, and it’s not fair to the authenticity of the characters. When you do that to a character, the way Maas treated Mor, it felt like Maas was using the lesbian-narrative stereotype to sprinkle in a bit of that pc bullshit this generation needs to feel like they are changing the world. I’m half hispanic, and half middle eastern. I don’t see many middle eastern women represented in “popular” literature. Do I blame Maas for not including one? Hell no. I’ll write my own book if I want to see that. And even if she did add a middle eastern character, what narrative would it be? The stereotypcial hot-headed arab? The wise woman with a penchant for gypsy magic? Those narratives are beautiful, but is that diverse? NO, it’s a stereotype. And I’m a strong believer that stereotypes are just the ugly truths we don’t like to admit (even if we could embrace them). I think characters should have these stereotypes, but what makes them diverse is how these characters offset these tropes. Mor could have been a lesbian conflicted with having romantic feelings for a man, aka Azriel. That would have at least pushed Maas’ story forward and not feel like she was injecting diversity, for the sake of diversity.

In Conclusion
I did like this book, there was just more bad that outweighed the good this time. And it was especially hard to read after the awesomeness that was ACOMAF.

Prediction: The next three books will follow Lucien and Elain.

See you in 2018 Mass

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